Why to sense indoor air quality?

It is critical to breathe quality air for good health.

IAQ can get up to 8 times worse than outdoors.

IAQ levels have become worse over last 30 years.

Asthma affects total 25 million peoples, 7 million children included.(US-EPA)

Harmful VOCs can cause long-term health effects.

Indoor combustion produces CO2 and many other gases.

Hand Smoke: Worsen symptoms for asthma sufferers.

Radon: Causes lung cancer.

What is Prkruti Lite ?

Prkruti lite is the first compact, portable device that measures a full range of harmful gases in the air. To measure you just have to install Prkruti lite App in your android devices, than plug the device into your Android mobile phone and instantly get real-time updates on the air around you.

Prkruti lite detects Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), CO₂ eq (Carbon dioxide) concentrations, Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure and Noise around you.

Sensors and apps can be extremely beneficial in the detection of VOCs and other dangerous gases. Through the remote alerts, air quality maps, graphs, and IAQ notifications. Prkruti Lite app do provide instant information on air quality around you.

Elegant Design

Displays Real Time data

Smart health suggestions

Air Quality Map

Real Time data sharing

Notification based on IAQ

The Prkruti Lite App

Prkruti lite Android application is the medium where you can see and analyse the IAQ measured by the device. You just have to connect the device with your phone and the App will start automatically and you can monitor, track and analyse harmful substance near you on real time.

Prkruti lite direct connect with mobile using charging port. So you can monitor, track and analyse harmful substance near you on real time.

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We commit for the healthier air!

We work to make a difference to our environment for create a better place to live now and for future generations.

We helps you get the right air pollution data from anytime, anywhere! Contact US today to get your Prkruti Lite Air quality monitor


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