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The Air Quality Index is a measurement guideline that helps to understand the quality of air. It contains weighted values of individual pollutants and gives a single set of numbers which we can then judge as to how the quality of the air around us

In this case, the air quality is so contentad that it may cause respiratory illnesses on healthy people and serious health problems on people with lung/heart diseases. Even light physical activity can cause health impacts on people.

The air quality is considered ambient and that there is minimal impact to people due to it

The air quality is generally breathable but some sensitive people may have minor breathing discomfort

The air quality may cause discomfort to people with heart disease, lung disease, children and older adults.

The air quality may cause breathing discomfort to people with heart disease and to regular people on prolonged exposure.

The air quality may cause respiratory illness to people with prolonged exposure. People with lung and heart diseases may have to suffer more due to this exposure



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